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Arranging Your Closet


Go ahead and stand right in front of your closet. I’ll guess one of two things – either you have a closet full of color or a closet full of neutral tones.

Was I right?

Yay for me if I was and if not, that’s perfectly okay!

With clothes, trends tend to come and go. But the one thing that will always stay is your closet. No matter how many colors you have, the color wheel could still be utilized in some form when it comes to putting together outfits.

But before we get there, go ahead and take a mental or physical note of the colors in your closet. Are they very bright shades? Or neutrals? Or both?

If you’d like (and have the time), feel free to color code your closet. I’ve done it several times and it’s always very aesthetically pleasing. But again, you do you!

Now with that note, we will move onto step 2 of figuring out what exactly the Color Wheel is and how we can use it to style color.